Orientation centre

With the aim to demonstrate and spread the information about the natural history of Gir landscape, a state-of-art Orientation Center has been developed at Sinh Sadan, Sasan and Devalia Gir Interpretation Zone (GIZ). This center has valuable information about the flora and fauna of this region with a special emphasis on the behaviour, characteristics and habitat requirement of various species. The life-size models of birds and animals, creative board for the birdcall identification and well-designed information charts on display, make this center a uniquely interactive museum. The visitors can get plenty of scientific information in a simple language by just spending a few minutes in this knowledge hub. The scenographic exhibition makes people aware of the wildlife and eventually sensitize them to conserve the Natural Heritage of the country.

Souvenir Shop

Souvenir shops, located at Sinh Sadan Sasan and Devalia GIZ, sell memorabilia/clothing pertaining to Asiatic Lions, Gir and its biodiversity.

In rural communities, since centuries, the craft has become part of their culture and tradition, and it passes from a generation to the other. The cultural identity and characteristic of ethnic people reflect in their handicrafts. Numerous of such hand-woven artifacts are being made by the ethnic groups of Gir area. Such ethnic artisanal handicrafts, decorative objects, folk crafts representing the rich cultural heritage of the Saurashtra region are exhibited for sale in these shops.

The profits earned from the sale of goods in are utilized for Gir Forest Staff Welfare activities like Life Insurance and Mediclaim, Educational Scholarships for their children, Annual Sports Meet, etc...

Gir Arboretum & Birding Point

This garden is dedicated to the collection, cultivation and display of a wide range of native medicinal plants, labelled with their botanical names. It has the majority of the tree specimens found in Gir. A nursery has been developed to propagate the rare indigenous flora of Gir. A photo gallery has also been created, which gives information on the medicinal flora of Gir. It also has two vermicompost units which aid in the recycling of organic wastes. The tranquil surroundings here serve as an excellent birding site, representing the majority of the beautiful terrestrial avifauna of this area, which includes both resident and migratory species. The site becomes live with the calls and fluttering of flycatchers, babblers, prinias, parakeets, woodpeckers, doves, shrikes, robins, drongos, cuckoos, wagtails, francolins, quails, and the birds of prey. The Butterflies, the flying jewels of Mother Nature, are innumerable during the warmer months of the year. Owing to the heterogeneous composition of host plants, they tend to breed in large numbers during wet months.

At this place, one may also catch a glimpse of the Sambar Deers in small groups browsing leisurely in the thickets, a solitary Hare galloping in the grass, a Mongoose hopping across the track, or a Snake moving swiftly along the tree trunks. A scape of Fruit Bats on a giant Banyan tree and their squeals invariably attract the visitors’ attention.