Time Table
Vehicle Type Particulars Morning Timings Evening Timings
Gypsy Monday To Sunday 7 AM To 7:55 AM 3 PM To 3:55 PM
Gypsy Monday To Sunday 8 AM To 8:55 AM 4 PM To 4:55 PM
Gypsy Monday To Sunday 9 AM To 9:55 AM 5 PM To 5:55 PM
Gypsy Monday To Sunday 10 AM To 10:55 AM
Note: GIZ Devalia Safari remains closed on every wednesday.
Gypsy Permit Charges
Vehicle Type Days Particulars Indian (In Rs.) Foreigner (In Rs.)
Note: In one E-permit maximum 6 (+1*) persons will be allowed.
* Only 1 child between 3 to 12 years will be allowed.
* The permit doesn't include the Guide charge (Rs. 400 only) and Gypsy charge (Rs. 1500 only), which must be paid seperately to respective Guides and Gypsy vehicle owners.
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