Frequently Asked Questions
Q.1 : E-Permit not issued due to Failed Transaction/Server Error
If your financial transaction were successful, but an e-permit could not be issued due to server error, then a refund would be processed within 15-20 business days.
Q.2 : Problem with the printing of e-permit?
In this scenario, kindly check the “blocked pop-up” option on your browser. One must allow a “pop-up” in the browser to get a print out from the registered account. If you have paid and the e-print of the permit doesn’t generate, then go to your booking history (from your registered account) on the Gujarat State Lion Conservation Society (GSLCS) website ( ) and from there, you can re-download/print the e-permit.
Q.3 :Unable to click on the pay now/payment option?
All the particulars of the visitor must be filled/checked in the detail form. The problem may also occur if there is high traffic on the website at that time of payment, so either wait for some time or try again after some time.
Q.4 :Refund against cancellation of e-permits?
Refund rules against cancellation For Gir Jungle Safari
1) Before 10 days - 75% 1) Before 5 days - 50% 1) Before 2 days - 25% 1) Less than 2 days - Nil Refund rules against cancellation For Devaliya Safari Park
There will be “NO REFUND” for cancellation of E-permit for Devalia safari park.
*No further changes will be applicable on already generated E-permits.
Q.5 :How many days in advance e-permits can be booked?
e-Permit can be booked a maximum of 3 months in advance and at least two hours before the visit of Gir Jungle Safari/Devalia Safari Park in a particular time slot if the e-permits are available.
Q.6 :Any applicable changes in e-permit charges?
Different weekend (Saturday – Sunday) and Festival day rates will be applicable for Gir Jungle Safari/Devalia Safari Park. PDF:
Q.7 :Calendar function/date selection is not working?
Due to slow internet connectivity or high server load, you may face this problem. Make sure you have good internet connectivity while generating the e-permit.
Q.8 :Password not retrieved?
Due to high traffic on the website, the user may face this problem. The process might take some time. If unsuccessful, the user can try registering with a new email id.
Q.9 :Can travel companies register with GSCLS?
No, GSLCS Jungle Safari and Devalia Safari e-permit booking are only for eco-tourists and not for professional tour operators. Bulk booking from a single point is not allowed.
Q.10 :What are the locally available facilities?
Guide Fee
Guide will be mandatory for Gir forest visit and those are available locally at Reception center, Sasan-Gir.
Camera Fee
Information (Camera charges) is locally available at reception center Sasan-Gir (If applicable)
Vehicle Fee
Vehicle (Gypsy) is locally available at reception center Sasan-Gir.
*An E-permit doesn’t include charges of locally available facilities mentioned above.
Q.11 :Forest route and other information?
Route and other information related to Gir Jungle Safari visit are provided at the time of reporting at the reception centre, Sasan-Gir.
Q.12 :Is online booking of Guest House possible?
No, guesthouse booking is not available on this particular website. Information on availability is provided locally at the time of arrival at Sinh Sadan, Sasan-Gir, Gujarat.
Q.13 :Queries related to e-permit or timings
Queries related to e-permits can be asked by phone/email from every Monday to Saturday between 10:30 am to 6:00 pm (IST).
*Please note that the web site is functional 24x7 day throughout the year.
Q.14 :SMS Service?
Now all the e-permits confirmations are automatically provided by GSLCS via SMS on the registered and verified mobile number of the visitor.
Q.15 :Preferred browser for e-permit?
This website is best compatible with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari. The user might face problem with other browsers.