Guides are locally available at the Reception Centre, Sinh Sadan, Sasan. they have been trained and authorized by the Forest Department and are well versed with the ecosystem of Gir and its denizens. It is compulsory to take a registered Guide while on a Gypsy ride to Gir Jungle Trail or GIZ Devaliya Safari. The charge of the Guide is Rs.400 for a one-time trip which is directly to be paid to the Guide by the tourist. Identity Card is compulsory to be wear by the Guide


Private vehicles (Gypsy) are locally available at Reception Centre, Sinh Sadan, Sasan. Rates to hire the vehicle are Rs. 1700 for Gir Jungle Trail and Rs. 1500 for GIZ Devaliya Safari. At GIZ Devaliya, tourists can travel in Forest Department owned Buses. They can either do current booking or online booking for Bus.


Camera fee for amateur photography is Rs. 200 for Indian National and Rs. 1400 for Foreigner, which has to be paid at the Reception Centre, Sinh Sadan, Sasan.